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Booze League brewtenanny

On a sunny early-spring day in a windswept, lakeside campground in northern Santa Barbara County, I turned to the man next me and gestured at the dozens of buzzed up friends surrounding us and said “Look at us! We’re all pros at drinking! We just need a league!.” And thus, Booze League was born. I bought the domain right then and there and had absolutely zero clue idea what to do next. Now, four years later, Booze League has blossomed into a brand supported by creative boozers and contributors across the country. If that’s not a reason to throw a party, I don’t know what is.

So break out your drinking liver, put on your big boy/girl pants, and come celebrate with the Booze League as we throw our first Brewtenanny! It’s like a hootenanny but with a whole lot more beer. Live music throughout the day, table side entertainment, giveaways, kick ass food and of course some legit craft brew courtesy of our host Five Threads Brewing Co.

Presale ticket packages will be available soon with exclusive new swag. Check this page to stay up to date and make sure you’re following us on the socials below!

Wylie Withers
Booze League

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Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat was born over the ashes of a campfire, as Michelle and Robert created their unique vocal style that would become the group's signature sound. Weaving their unique harmonies and melodies together, they sing about love lost and runaway journeys down lonely highways. Medicine Hat has built a strong, loyal following by playing a steady list of shows throughout California and Austin, Texas. They have attracted the attention of critics, fans and musicians, alike, with critics comparing them to artists like Gram Parsons, Townes Van Zandt and John Prine.

Turkey Buzzards

Much like the duo themselves, the songs range near and far, from the sticky humidity of the Carolinas to the arid and dusty cellars of the West, telling stories of simplistic beauty that unravel through gritty vocals and thoughtful harmonies. The bare authenticity of each song sweeps up the listener for a ride that might wander but will certainly not end in the same place where it began.


Late Night Union

Crackling heavy blues licks, driving dancing bouncing rhythms, and melodic raw powerful singing, with a message of love. The sound is a mix of 70’s metal, 90’s grunge, and today’s rock.

Erin McAndrew


Originally from Pennsylvania, Erin decided to take a leap to a different “venue” to pursue her musical ambitions and other goals. While attending Hofstra University in New York, Erin was the lead singer of the Long Island-based rock band Tiny Giant, which played the legendary CBGBs (R.I.P.) and other local venues.


DJ Apple Juice


All Day

A staple at beer festivals and craft beer bars in Ventura and LA County for 25 years, DJ Apple Juice will be spinning all day between sets starting at 2pm!

George Tovar - Close Up Magic


George has been performing at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood (The Carnegie Hall of magic) for well over 20 years. George Tovar made his reputation performing magic for celebrities, corporate and private events, restaurants, and cruise ships. His superlative sleight-of-hand skills, in combination with his engaging personality, has made him a sought after entertainer.

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Officially opening to the public in October of 2015, Five Threads Brewing Company was founded by Tim Kazules, who made the jump from the biotech industry to become an award winning brewer.

Five Threads serves up the ultimate Craft Beer Microbrewery Experience by bringing together the best threads of craft beer: Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast & you! A “thread” is a term sometimes used when blending two or more beers together and Five Threads uses the term to mean the blending or bringing together of “good things” to create “great things” such as the ingredients of their beer, the members of the brewery team, the members of the community coming together to share a pint!

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We've brought the goodness of Farm & Flame to the road with our brand new Farm & Flame truck. We're stocked with ingredients, loaded with all the right equipment, and staffed with a team of cooks & servers to be your chef on wheels!

Our team is passionate about food & healthy lifestyle. We believe in nourishing the body with delicious & beautiful food. We affirm the value of fresh, organic plant food as well as free-range, humanely raised meats. We celebrate family time. We're farmers market regulars. Our farm to table approach seeks out local, seasonal and organic ingredients. Some people eat to live, others live to eat. We are hoping to achieve a perfect balance between the two.

- Farm & Flame