Draught #29: Bitter Bartners

Draught #29: Bitter Bartners

What do you do that really makes bartenders angry? Why would you throw away a $8000 check from Goose Island? What did Florida Man do this week? The answers to these questions and a hearty sing-a-long this week on a very special BoozeCast!

Draught Links

World Cup Drinking Game

One Sip

  • Goal Kick
  • A TV shot of the Russian Landscape
  • Gratuitous shot of random, good-looking World Cup female fans
  • Corner Kick
  • Any time Fox messes something up
  • When your team flops
  • When your team fouls someone

Two Sips

  • Cristiano Ronaldo takes his shirt off
  • Yellow card issued to someone on your team
  • When your team hits the post
  • Celebrity sighting on the TV
  • Any reference to the 2026 World Cup being held in USA/Canada/Mexico
  • If Putin shows up on the screen

Chug Your Beer

  • Any mention of the USA not qualifying for the World Cup
  • Red card on your team
  • If your team scores a free kick golazo (you gotta celebrate)
  • Keeper joins the attack

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