Draught #32: Local Boozers

Coley, the Commish, and Sandro are joined by Mikey, owner of The Local, to talk about the hurdles and surprises of opening a new beer bar, developments in the World Cup, and the Greatest Drunk Story Mikey's Never Told. Also, Otter returns for a guest appearance to tackle the latest news in booze like old times and Coley goes deep on Four Loko. Recorded live at The Local!

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The Booze & TUG Drinking Game

Conceived by Tug Jones of the Unfiltered Gentlemen, this game is to be played when listening to a BoozeCast or an Unfiltered Gentlemen podcast. If you have any more to add, let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

Anytime someone burps
Any time Wylie hits a drop that interrupts someone
Any time Sandro says “nice”, “you know” or “Super Stoked”
Anytime Dan reviews a B horror flick
Anytime Greg plays a Huell Howser drop

Anytime Wylie talks about some guy named Nick and his large private areas. 
Anytime Greg has issues with reading or just speaking English
Anytime Dan say “Boom” or “Bang”
Anytime Scott takes longer than the actual story to tell a Tales from Uber
Anytime Dan reviews a kung-fu movie
Anytime Sandro speaks Spanish
Anytime Greg says “thats racist”
Anytime Scott says something racist

Anytime it sounds like Scott burped up a small kitten
Anytime Greg plays the Beer Science song and nothing happens
Anytime Dan says “That’s Right”
Anytime Wylie throws back to a story of being at Firestone Walker event
Anytime Sandro puts you to sleep talking about World Cup