The Booze League

For you, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and every day can be Saturday. You’re a beer pong legend and a corn hole prodigy.

Booze League was founded with a purpose. To explore and celebrate the connections that we all share due to… well, booze. That Saturday afternoon with your best friends trying out a new local brewery. That romantic bottle of wine by a fire with your significant other. A toast of whiskey before your best friend’s wedding. That time that Drunk You left a bottle of Gatorade and some Advil to help Sober You in the morning. Those things are Booze League, a tasty cocktail of craft beer, mixology, news, and swag all related to Booze.

It’s time to go Pro with your bad habit.

Booze League TV

Tres Cervezerias Belgian Pale

Every Surf 'n' Suds Beer Fest brings a new tasty collaboration between local breweries. This year, brewers from Enegren Brewing Co., Institution Ale Company, and Ladyface Ale Companie came together to create Tres Cervezerias Belgian Pale.

Booze League Brewtenanny 2019

Booze League celebrated our 4th Anniversary by throwing our 1st Annual Brewtenanny! (like a “hootenanny” but with more beer!). This video best viewed while sipping a frosty adult libation.

May Drink of the Month: the Mint Julep

Derby Day is this month! If there’s one month this year to really nail a mint julep, it’s this one. Follow along with our official mixologist and impress your friends with a boozy, minty, icy glass of goodness. Don’t forget to wear your giant hat!

The BoozeCast