Start/Sip Pourcast: Week 8

It’s Week 8 in the NFL, and yours truly went a perfect 5 for 5 in Week 7! That’s right, toasts from top to bottom, and just like that one cheap friend everyone has, I pick up the Tab for no one this time. As Halloween is upon us, I’ll throw in a few spooky brews. Let’s get to it!

Carson Palmer (QB - ARI) -  23.20 fantasy points -  Palmer has been playing arguably the best ball of his career, and has been Mr. Consistency, putting up a minimum of 19.98 fantasy points all season. That did not change last week. Thanks for the tall, cold one, Carson!

Todd Gurley (RB - STL) - 30.30 fantasy points - What are you looking at, Gurley Man?? I know what I’m looking at: a raging success on fire, as Gurley torched the hapless Browns run defense, per my prediction, to the tune of 128 yards, 2 TDs and 35 receiving yards. Not a bad day at the office.

Philip Rivers (QB - SD) - 33.44 fantasy points - Waiter, I’ll have whatever he’s having! It didn’t start out pretty, but oh the sweet, sweet garbage time brew was flowing! The surge came a bit too late for the win, but from a fantasy standpoint, Philip and crew came through with flying colors, namely brown with white stripes.

Dion Lewis (RB - NE) - 0.0 fantasy points - I took on the ever shifty Belitrix by telling people to sit this guy, and I won. In fact, Lewis didn’t even play, but Bill Belichik was the only person on earth who seemed to know that until game day. How ‘bout that?

Melvin Gordon (RB - SD) - 2.9 fantasy points - His YPC was good (4.1 yards per carry), but he’s just not getting the touches. Big red flag by now for Gordon owners. Do you pay attention to red flags? Winners do.

Week 8 Pourcast


Deandre Hopkins (WR - HOU)
Ranking: Tactical Nuclear Penguin (32%)

You can’t handle this beer. Period.

Nuk Hopkins had a lull in Week 7, as the seemingly reincarnated Fins held him to 6 on 12 targets for just 50 yards. But, Arian Foster is the latest casualty of war, and he tends to get about half the targets Hopkins gets on a weekly basis. This should open up the field for Nuk, as he and the Texans go up against a banged up Titans secondary, which may be without one or more of their starting cornerbacks.

Philip Rivers (QB - SD)
Ranking: Hobgoblin Dark English Ale

Terror awaits the Ravens.

Rollin’… rollin’… rollin’ with the Rivers. Let it ride, I say. Rivers is still running hot, and even though they’re traveling east for an early game, I think Phil has the discipline and the crew he needs to crush a weak Ravens pass defense. Look for high numbers from him in Week 8.

Antonio Brown (WR - PIT)
Ranking: Thwaites Big Ben Strong Ale

Pretty sure he’d buy a round for the house if it means he gets Big Ben back.

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls… it tolls for Antonio Brown… and Martavis Bryant… and anyone else Roethlisberger chooses to target. Just remember who Ben’s favorite target in the air is, and look for Brown to secure his typical top 5 receiver role, starting this week.


Gary Barnidge (TE - CLE)
Ranking: Mystic Asterisk Ale

It just depends…

Consider this a “conditional” sit. If Josh McCown sits out this game, Barnidge should see a huge drop in production, maybe not resembling his first two weeks, but not on par with the last five. I really like Johnny Football, but he’s still developing his big NFL game style, and it just hasn’t spelled out a lot of targets to the tight end position. If McCown plays, I’d start him. Keep your eyes on the injury reports!

Vincent Rey (LB - CIN)
Ranking: Ichabod Pumpkin Ale

Beware the Tale of the Headless Horseman

I’m sticking an IDP in here, as many people play in leagues that feature an individual defensive player. The Bengals are playing at Pittsburgh against a rested and returning Ben Roethlisberger (the head) and a starving Antonio Brown (the horseman). Vontaze Burfict should still sit out this game, but I still envision a lesser outing for his replacement than the past few weeks have brought. Start him only if you don't have a better option.

Jeffrey Gray is a fitness expert who consults medical and osteopathic students on clinical skills. He is in desperate need of treatment for his fantasy football addiction. You can reach him on Twitter @graydog or email

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