Start/Sip Pourcast: Week 11

We're getting closer to the fantasy playoffs, and in the case of most leagues, the trade deadline is about a week away, which means it’s time to trade away the guys you can still sell high on, and snatch up the hidden gems who are ready to explode on the gridiron. Also, we here at Booze League are proud to boast a 60% start/sip accuracy rate after 7 weeks. Not too shabby! Grab your bottle openers, because it’s time for our toasts and tabs from week 10!


Ronnie Hillman and C.J. Anderson (RBs - DEN) - Anderson - 2.90 fantasy points/ Hillman - 13.10 fantasy points -  Let’s get this out of the way first. My point is proven with both of these guys. And, while Hillman’s points may have looked somewhat okay, realize that without a fumble recovery and a 1 yard run TD in garbage time, Ronnie would have only run for 41 yards on 10 carries. That’s a decent YPC, but a horrible volume of production. Dump him. And as for Anderson? Matt Jones, James Starks, Dion Lewis, Chris Johnson, and Antonio Andrews all had lower ADPs than Hillman, and have all either outperformed him or equally impressed fantasy owners. Face it, you certainly didn’t spend a 1st or 2nd round draft pick on C.J. to get the lack of production he’s brought to the table. In 2013, Knowshon Moreno averaged 15 carries and almost 4 catches a game, not to mention his 1,586 scrimmage yards and 13 touchdowns. They have not had an RB1 since then, so stop talking about these guys like they are, and trade them away to a willing buyer before one of them lets you down during the fantasy playoffs. Oh, by the way, their playoff schedule sucks!

Blake Bortles (QB - JAC) - 20.02 fantasy points - This was Blake’s 7th week of the season with 2 or more touchdowns. He did lose a fumble, but it was only his second on the year. Bortles continues to get it done, and I bet you didn’t even waste a draft pick on him. Nice pickup if you can still get him.


Chris Ivory (RB - NYJ) - 12.50 fantasy points - Fuck you, Chris Ivory. I just cannot seem to peg you, from week to week. You are like Shrodinger's cat. I never know if you're alive or dead. What I do know is that I can’t call 18 carries for 99 yards and an additional 36 yards on 2 receptions a bust, even with a fumble. I just think Chris Ivory doesn’t like buying people beer.

Tyrod Taylor (QB - BUF) - 13.52 fantasy points - With apologies to the Mayor of Revis Island, whose “tropical terrordise” proved insurmountable yet again… Although he got the Bills back above .500, Tyrod lacked the fantasy production. 

Jeremy Maclin (WR - KC) - 1.70 fantasy points - The Chiefs ruined the Broncos’ day in what had to be a satisfying divisional revenge match, but Denver’s secondary shut down KC’s ailing passing game. In the absence of eye poker Aqib Talib, Denver Cornerback Chris Harris is playing at an even higher level than his cohort. Alex Smith got it done in the air, but it was to Charcandrick West. You’ll hear more about him later.

Week 11 Pourcast


Lamar Miller (RB - MIA)
Ranking: Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel

BeerAdvocate BA Score: 96
That’s the sound Lamar Miller makes when he barrels through a porous defensive line.

Lamar continues to shine in Miami’s backfield, running and catching like a champ, and finding the end zone 7 times in the last five weeks. The Cowboys have a soft spot for running backs, maybe a few soft spots. I don’t see Miller getting anything less than 15 fantasy points on Sunday.

Danny Amendola (WR - NE)
Ranking: Kona Brewing Big Wave Golden Ale
BeerAdvocate BA Score: 80

Big Wave(r Wire) pickup… get it?

Good fortune has befallen Amendola. It should be remembered that Danny primarily plays in the slot, so I wouldn't expect Edelman's numbers, but he should be a safe WR2 option in most weeks, going forward. Oh, the matchup? Who cares? It’s Brady. But, for the record, he torched the Bills in Week 2, in their house, to the tune of 466 yards and 3 touchdowns. Ouch.

Tony Romo (QB - DAL)
Ranking: Morning Wood Oak Aged Coffee Amber

BeerAdvocate BA Score: N/A
Morning Wood. It’s what every Dallas fan will have, come Sunday morning.

Tony's back! Time to make them pay. Time to make them all pay. Remember that this guy had the top completion percentage AND passer rating in the NFL, last year. Plus, Miami's defense looks like a MASH unit right now. Maybe I'm a little bit biased, but I love the Quarterback and I like the matchup. I'm looking for 278 yards and 2 touchdowns on Sunday, and as most fantasy columnists would, I am being conservative.

Charcandrick West (RB - KC)
Ranking: Margaritaville Brewing Land Shark Lager
BeerAdvocate BA Score: 60

I think we’ll need a bigger boat.

San Diego has the worst rush defense in the league, and they’ll be facing the #4 Running Back in the league in Week 11. “Charknado” has chewed up the last three defenses, including the Steelers, who are the toughest in the league against the RB position. West gobbled them up for 13.8% of their entire season’s rushing yards allowed, and half of their touchdowns. Now, what do you suppose he might do the worst rush defense?


Case Keenum (QB - STL)
Ranking: Moonlight Brewing Reality Czeck Pils
BeerAdvocate BA Score: 95

That’s what you need to take if you’re hoping Case Keenum takes you to the playoffs.

I have a long history of not believing in Case Keenum. That ends today. Haha, just kidding. The only thing this guy’s got going for him is that he must have the coolest quarterback name ever! Who wouldn’t want to rally behind a QB named Case Keenum? Case Keenum. That’s just fun to say. The thing is, he’s just not that good. Interesting stat: Do you know who holds the all time record for passing yards in a college football career? Case Keenum. I just wanted to say it one more time.

Jeffrey Gray is a fitness expert who consults medical and osteopathic students on clinical skills. He is in desperate need of treatment for his fantasy football addiction. You can reach him on Twitter @graydog or email

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