Start/Sip Pourcast: Week 12

Well, we are up against it! If you have been a diligent Booze League supporter and have been following the Start/Sip Pourcast every week since its “inSIPtion,” in Week 4, then you are most certainly sitting in the top spot in your fantasy league, am I right?? Well, it’s crunch time, and if you have a chance at making it into the playoffs, but still face a few obstacles, now is the time to play those players who have upside. Your window of opportunity for playing matchup based players every week has shut, and it’s time for the “hail mary.” Get right with your lineups, because most leagues start their playoffs in 1-2 weeks!

Case Keenum (QB - STL) - 7.44 fantasy points - Oh, Case Keenum, Case Keenum, Case Keenum! You make my job so much easier, it’s almost silly. The all-time career passing yards leader in the history of college football is rapidly approaching yet another record… the all-time easiest to predict fantasy QB letdown in the history of fantasy football.

Danny Amendola (WR - NE) - 17.10 fantasy points - And, he was just one inadvertent whistle blow away from a single 15.9 point play, a would-be 69 yard TD reception that would have ranked him 1st among fantasy Wide Receivers for the week. Rest up, Danny, I may be relying on you during the playoffs, in a big way.

Tony Romo (QB - DAL) - 17.28 fantasy points
 - Without those two interceptions, Tony would have been the eleventh highest scoring QB in Week 11, but instead they dropped him to 18th. That’s “two” costly to toast. However, I will toast Tony on a speedy recovery from his repeat injury: a clavicular hairline fracture on his non-throwing arm. Ah, who’s kidding who? I’ll pick up the tab any day on Tony, who has given so much of himself, despite mountains of adversity. COWBOYS 2016!! Woo hoo!!

Lamar Miller (RB - MIA) - 5.50 fantasy points - One good thing that came out of Dallas’s Week 11 matchup is that they got it done against Lamar Miller and the Dolphins run game, limiting Miller to just 44 yards on 7 carries. Now, all they need is a Quarterback.

Charcandrick West (RB - KC) - 6.40 fantasy points - This one is truly unfortunate for me and my accuracy rating. The fact of the matter is that West was a perfect pick and well on his way to a dominant Week 11 performance, and then he tweaked his hamstring. Spencer Ware stepped right in and picked up the other 22.10 points that would have belonged to Charknado. That’s just annoying. That being said, I’m all about Starts this week, so let us review!


Week 12 Pourcast


Brian Hoyer (QB - HOU)
Ranking: Molsen Golden

That’s what we’re serving. You don’t like it? Go to another bar.

Axel Hoyer gets handed the matchup of the year against the Saints. New Orleans has allowed 2.8 TDs and 308 yards per game to Quarterbacks in 2015. With the exception of a lull last week against the tough Bengals Defense, Hoyer has been putting up very respectable numbers since Week 4. My bold prediction? Mr. Hoyer puts up 300+ yards and 3 touchdowns against the Saints this week, AND finishes as a top 7 Quarterback in Week 12.

Jarvis Landry (WR - MIA)
Ranking: Heavy Seas Desert Island Doppelsticke Alt

The deserted island will be invaded.

Revis Island is vacant, this week, and that sets up Jarvis for a big game against an already weak Jets secondary.

***Update (Sat, 5:29PM): Landry's knee injury has lingered longer than expected, making him a game time decision. If he's out, and you have no better option, try grabbing Stevie Johnson (WR - SD) off the waiver wire. Or, maybe take a flyer on J.J. Nelson (WR - ARI).

Odell Beckham, Jr. (WR - NYG)
Ranking: Fat Cat Bro-ceanography Pils

“I don’t have a cat.” - Odell Beckham, Jr.

In his last three games, ODB has gone off to the tune of 339 yards and 4 touchdowns against three weak pass defenses. The Redskins are worse than all of them, allowing the 5th most fantasy points to opposing Wide Receivers. Look for Beckham to go off this week. Madden curse? Broken.

Deandre Hopkins (WR - HOU)
Ranking: Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower

Nuk is going to mow the Saints down this week.

Saints. Any questions? Good. Let’s move on.

Carson Palmer (QB - ARI)
Ranking: Capital Autumnal Fire Doppelbock

Let the Fall torching continue!

I love Carson Palmer. I love Carson Palmer at San Francisco. I hate the 49ers. My reasons are all justified. Carson continues his dissection of NFL pass defenses, and it won’t stop here.

Jeffrey Gray is a fitness expert who consults medical and osteopathic students on clinical skills. He is in desperate need of treatment for his fantasy football addiction. You can reach him on Twitter @graydog or email

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