Boozle: "Drunk Santa"


It's that time of year when Santas flood the malls of America, ready to offer an unending line of children a soft and creepy place to sit to scream their heads off. It's not hard to understand why, after a few weeks of this torture, mall Santas would start turning to booze to as a coping mechanism. Inevitably, this drunken moment will be captured on film. Especially when the basic duty of your miserable job is to be in a picture with the very thing tormenting your December existence. Behold the best pictures behind the Boozle search "drunk santa". 

1. The girl on the left later stated that Santa smelled like Daddy.

2. The girl on the left later stated that Santa smelled like Daddy.


3. It's said that the West Virginia Santas get jolly on sweet, sweet peppermint moonshine.

4. Santa exclaimed that drunken night "Ho! Ho! Ho!..... Ho!"

5. "They know. They totally know. They can smell the booze. Just keep it cool, Nick. Act normal and smile. Yeah, a big ol' smile!"

6. Brats on my lap, brats off my lap. Where's the bourbon?


7. When you've got the drunk munchies and spy a bag of Taco Bell.

8. Stan was told his eyes look drunk and sleepy. He'll be damned if he's gonna let them be right.


9. Jagermeister can give you a serious case of the dozers.

10. When you have to work, but your hangover won't be denied.

11. All Kringle wanted for his drunken dozer was a Silent Night.

12. "Who's next for Santa's lap? Eh? How about you, Kandy? Dallas? You ready? Nikki you ever been to the South Pole?" 

Wylie Withers is the Booze League Commissioner. Follow him on Twitter @wyliewithersor reach him via email