Start/Sip Pourcast Week 13

Life is truly stranger than fiction.

Outside the warm embrace of the gridiron, my life and the lives of many around me were sent into turmoil and sadness this week. I want to be able to write the usual style Pourcast, but I just don't have it in me. I lost two friends who were dear to me, one with whom I had spent much time, recently, and one who I had not seen for many years. We will dispense with the craft brews this week, and I will give you two picks, and dedicate two of the finest single malt scotch whiskeys that money can buy.


In Memoriam

L. Daniel E. Kaufman

Ranking: Laphroaig 18 Year Old
Sweet, spicy, and smoky, with one hell of a finish!

Killed by terrorists in the San Bernardino Regional Center Shooting

Scott Weiland

Ranking: The Macallan 18 Years Old
Spices, ginger, full and lingering. Iconic and bigger than life.

Found dead from cardiac arrest aboard his tour bus

Daniel Kaufman was a good friend and fellow performer. We shared many laughs for many years. He made people smile and laugh everywhere he went. 

Scott and I were casual acquaints in recovery, and were reunited in a treatment center, where we were able to kindle a friendship and spend some very quality time together. Scott was bigger than life, an international rock icon, and had a voice so booming and powerful that I never could understand how such a small body could contain it.

And now, one Start and one Sip:



Cam Newton (QB - CAR)
Cam is on fire, like the smoky Laphroaig, and the Saints have been getting torched all year, except by Brian Hoyer, who did, well, okay. Cam is clearly no Hoyer, and he smoked the Saints pass AND rush defense for 315 yards, 2 TDs and a pick, and also rushed for 33 yards and another TD. That effort netted him 35.90 fantasy points, his third highest total of the season. Expect great things from Superman this weekend.


Drew Brees (QB - NO)
I know, I know. It's Drew Brees. He's playing in The Dome. Drew sat out his one game of the year when they first met the Panthers earlier in the season. Carolina is coming in here with a defense that is extremely motivated to beat Drew inside the dome, and keep their perfect record intact. I love Drew Brees, and I may look to him during the fantasy playoffs, as his schedule is a wet dream after this week. He is an iconic classic, and top shelf, just like The Macallan.

Please lend each other support and love in the weeks to come, tell your loved ones what they mean to you, and don't forget to set your lineups!

Jeffrey Gray is a fitness expert who consults medical and osteopathic students on clinical skills. He is in desperate need of treatment for his fantasy football addiction. You can reach him on Twitter @graydog or email

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