Rogue Farms Honey Kolsch is back!

(Independence, OR) – Rogue Farms announces a collision with Mother Nature and 7,140,286 honeybees with the release of Honey Kolsch. Brewed with honey that is uncapped, extracted, and filtered, Honey Kolsch is made with Rogue Farms barley, and hops grown across from our hives. Honey Kolsch is a toast to hardworking honeybees everywhere and a nod to growing the revolution in beekeeping.

In the past year, US beekeepers have lost 42% of their colonies. While beekeepers can make up for some of these losses by splitting their hives, there is still more that can be done. In addition to splitting our hives, we send our honeybees on a California vacation during the winter to avoid the chilly and wet Oregon air. When they return in early spring, they get nectar from the blossoms in our Hazelnut trees, Big Leaf Maples, daffodils and tulips abundant in Oregon. They have now moved on to wild berries and our growing crops including pumpkins, marionberries and jalapeños. We also plant wildflowers just for our honeybees so they have a bonus round of pollen and nectar to produce honey.

With the split hives and abundant flow of late spring nectar this year, Rogue Farms honeybees made honey that highlights the proprietary pallet of the Wigrich Appellation – imparting unique floral aromas into the beer. Crisp and refreshing, Honey Kolsch arrives just in time for summer. Find it on draft and in yellow 750 mL bottles nationwide.

via Press Release