Chinese woman chugs entire $200 cognac bottle at airport security

Chinese woman chugs entire $200 cognac bottle at airport security

A Chinese woman who was told she couldn't bring her expensive cognac on a flight decided to not let the contents go to waste, so she downed the whole bottle.

BBC reports the woman bought the bottle of Remy Martin XO Excellence in the United States and then tried to take it on board a plane traveling from Beijing to Wenzhou.

After the woman was told the 700 ml bottle exceeded the 100 ml liquid limit, she drank all of its contents. The Guardian says the woman was deemed too drunk to fly by airport staff after she began shouting and collapsed to the floor.

A police officer at the scene tells The Beijing Times that the woman began shouting at the departure gate while "rolling on the ground."

"She was so drunk... she couldn't even stand up herself," another officer tells the South China Morning Post. "We took her to a room in a wheelchair so she could rest."

The woman woke up seven hours later and thanked police for assisting her, The Guardian says. Her family members arrived at the Wenzhou airport to bring her home.

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