Start/Sip Pourcast Week 16

Week 16 is it for most people who made it this far. Since the number “8” is good luck in Asian culture, I am doing exactly eight start/sip picks. That, and I’m feeling lazy. This is it!! It’s do or die. The decisions you make this week will impact the rest of your lives. You see, eventually your lineup decisions will help put an end to war and poverty. It will align the planets and bring them into universal harmony; allowing meaningful contact with all forms of life… from extra terrestrials to common household pets. So, good luck in the fantasy playoffs!! And, remember… be excellent to each other. And... party on, dudes!!!

Oh, and everybody’s beer ranking this week?… 805 Blonde Ale || Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Why the 805 Blonde? Because this is the kick-ass honey blonde ale in the best mac ’n’ cheese recipe ever, the 805 Bacon Mac, featured right here, on Booze League!! 



Russell Wilson (QB - SEA) VS. ARI (FantasyAces - $6,600)

I like Wilson, if he moves his feet more, with the help of the “12th Man” boosting morale. If those things click, I see Russ putting up at least serviceable numbers in a week where a good floor can count more than upside.

Tyler Lockett (WR - SEA) VS. ARI (FantasyAces - $4,100)

This could be a sneaky play. Lockett has really heated up, as of late, and he could exploit the Cardinals’ one main defensive flaw… that their secondary allows 24.2 fantasy points per game, the 10th most in the league.

Todd Gurley (RB - LA) VS. SF (FantasyAces - $4,900)

If Gurley is going to get a big game, at all, this year, this would be the game. Worse backs than him have soul crushed a crap 49ers rush defense that allowed a near record amount of yardage and touchdowns, and has been even more of a sure thing than playing quarterbacks against the Saints last year. It's amazing how absolutely quiet San Francisco fans have been this year. Hint: get Jim Harbaugh back.

Bilal Powell (RB - NYJ) @ NE (FantasyAces - $4,800)

As I predicted, Matt Forte was hardly a factor last week, and Bilal touched the ball 27 times for 162 scrimmage yards. Did I mention that Forte is listed as Doubtful for week 16?

Jordan Howard (RB - CHI) VS. WAS (FantasyAces - $5,100)

Howard continues to impress, and he should stomp all over the Redskins less than impressive front seven.



Jeremy Maclin (WR - KC) VS. DEN (FantasyAces - $4,600)

Getty Images

Getty Images

Maclin has struggled since coming back from injury. This should not be the week he picks things up. Besides, there’s a new Top Gun in town, and his name is Tyreek Hill

Matt Forte (RB - CHI) @ NE (FantasyAces - $4,900)

To know me is to know that I have mad love and respect for Matt Forte. Hell, he’s even been on “The League,” on FXX. Everything just lines up wrong against Matty this week. He’s all banged up, the Bears are on the road at Foxborough, and New England has allowed the ninth fewest fantasy points to running backs. Moreover, one of the few shaky spots in the Patriots’ defense is against running backs catching passes out of the backfield, which lends better to Bilal Powell’s game, at this point. Plus, he has a Doubtful designation, as of today. Consider this a free “get him out of your lineup and you’ll thank me later card" for anyone not on top of their rosters during this busy holiday season.

Terrelle Pryor, Sr. (WR - CLE) VS. SD (FantasyAces - $4,400)

The one shining star in the dark, dismal Cleveland sky

The one shining star in the dark, dismal Cleveland sky

Man, I love Pryor! He’s shown incredible ability on a team with absolutely nothing else going on besides him, and he’s shown a lot of class, week after week. I think Casey Hayward will be shadowing Pryor all day, and the Chargers’ secondary has been strong lately.

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