Next Level Boozing Gear to Waste Money On

The holidays giveth, and they taketh away. Uncle Fred, whom you haven't seen in 7 years, has probably giveth-ed you a gift card or a check or a crisp Ulysses straight from the bank because he often forgets your name and has no clue what you would want. 

And what do you want with that free money? An upgrade to your boozin' lifestyle. If you want to drink like a boss, you'd best be adding these items to your Amazon shopping cart. These are the most expensive things on Amazon right now related to glorious booze. Who needs to eat? Go get an exorbitantly priced cocktail shaker instead!

4 Piece Barware Set By Kotai

This 4 piece copper bar set comes with a bell jigger, tear drop spoon, julep strainer and Hawthorne strainer, all made of copper. There's only one used set available at this price, so buy now!

"The jigger has a fantastic weight to it and the shape is gorgeous" - SugarCaneJane

Libbey Belgian Beer Glasses

This set of 2 Belgian beer glasses features an "inward tapering top [that] enhances aromas, improving the tasting experience." For the value minded, go for a set of 4 for only $35.98.

"I can't say much about it enhancing tasting, but that's because I really know nothing yet about beer tasting"
- diddlydoo

Spherical Ice Ball Maker

By now, everybody knows the theory that an ice sphere does a bang up job of cooling your liquor while minimizing water dilution. We have one of these at Booze League HQ and it's awesome just for the "party trick" aspect alone.

"how could such a simple piece of kit be so mystifying?" - AJ

The Vermonter Copper Flask

This copper flask by Jacob Bromwell weighs in at a sturdy 1.75lbs and is "...specially designed to accommodate the needs of those who use and rely on their flasks on a regular basis" (read: day drinkers and lushes).

"After adding a custom made leather cover, the flask is fantastic with style"
- edc9200

Match Pewter Classic Cobbler Cocktail Shaker

Handmade by an Italian fellow in a shack in Northern Italy, this lead-free pewter cocktail shaker can hold up to 20oz of your finest cocktails.

"I see America drinking the fabulous cocktails I make. Americans getting stinky on something I stir or shake." - Brian Flanagan

YETI Rambler Colster Beverage Insulator

A few of these were going around at a recent viking-themed camping trip (Valhalla!!) and there was a wait list to try it out. Ninety bucks is cheap for the feelings of stunned amazement and joy as your beer REFUSES TO GET WARM. Perfect for summer camping trips that involve a solid quantity of beer and maybe even a boat. Just get it. You can thank us later.

"After 40+ minutes, after I realize I've totally lost my beer, forgot about it, or it just grew legs, once I locate it I have more than enough chill left inside this steel silo of suds sanctuary that I can quaff back the remaining dead soldier and not feel like I'm chuggin Moose piss." - brewmaster