Absolut Saves Sinking Boat

It was an Absolut miracle.

A couple of quick-thinking boaters saved their sinking ship Monday— by plugging a hole in their vessel with a cork from a bottle of Absolut vodka.

Michael Clapman, Joseph Lehr and another buddy were riding in Lehr’s 30-foot Bayliner off Rockaway Beach near Beach 113th Street in Queens when their vessel started taking on water about 200 yards from shore.

The ship, named “Yada Yada,” had lost a drain plug, and the vessel’s pump couldn’t clear the water fast enough.

“We plugged it with a shaft of metal, which kind of stopped it. But the water was still coming in,’’ Clapman, 38, told The Post. “We tried everything, plugging it with socks and other pieces of cloth, but nothing worked.”

The hero of the day, and some guy swimming.

The hero of the day, and some guy swimming.

The water was at least 3 feet deep in the skiff by the time the men made it to shore, where a group of boozing partiers gave them a handful of corks, and Lehr used one to stop the offending leak.

“Thankfully, the alcohol saved the day!’’ Clapman quipped.

Lehr did sustain some scratches on his foot and back when he dove into the bay to get the corks, Clapman said, but he declined to go to the hospital.

Crews from the FDNY and NYPD escorted the boaters to the Inwood Marina to make sure the makeshift plug held.

“A lot of credit goes to the FDNY and the NYPD, they were really helpful,” Clapman said. “The response time was unbelievable, they had a chopper there within a minute.”

-via the NY Post
-photos by Dennis A. Clark