Celebrate Weekend Eve with some hardcore #DrinkPron!

Celebrate Weekend Eve with some hardcore #DrinkPron!

The weekend is so close you can almost taste it! Here's some tasty #drinkpron to get your liver turned on and excited for some steamy boozing this weekend.

For ingredients and recipes, check out Instagram and give these fine boozers a follow! Hastag your sexy shots of booze #boozeleague to get included in next week's Thirsty Thursday! Sweet cover shot by @fmmsblog.

loopedblog  - Blue Eyes Cocktail

loopedblog - Blue Eyes Cocktail

thesnootbooze  - Heaven on Earth

thesnootbooze - Heaven on Earth

hoochph  - Tequila Mockingbird

hoochph - Tequila Mockingbird

letsturnup  - Candy World Cocktail

letsturnup - Candy World Cocktail

forking_with_karin  - Lemon Meringue Martini

forking_with_karin - Lemon Meringue Martini

carissajessica  - Coco Loco

carissajessica - Coco Loco

lolalivingbar  - Bloody Mary

lolalivingbar - Bloody Mary

rohitdassani  - Mango Puree Margarita

rohitdassani - Mango Puree Margarita

trinkkultur  - Mr. Brown Cocktail

trinkkultur - Mr. Brown Cocktail

cakenknife  - Strawberry Mint Julep

cakenknife - Strawberry Mint Julep

dopejuices  - Patron Strawberry Electric Lemonade

dopejuices - Patron Strawberry Electric Lemonade

designmynight  - Merchant's Swizzle

designmynight - Merchant's Swizzle

Wylie Withers is the Commissioner of the Booze League and Co-Host of the BoozeCast. He spent many years as 1/3 of the comedy improv duo The Merry Misfits of Doom before pursing a Masters in Boozing (with a Marketing focus). His posterior was featured on the final episode of Beverly Hills, 90210, earning him his SAG card. He'd like to give a shoutout to his liver and left kidney for always being there for him. Follow him on Twitter @wyliewithers or reach him via email wylie@boozeleague.com.