Start/Sip Pourcast - Week 8

Booze League has a new inductee into the 2017 POS List.

Joining the disappointing Danny Trevathan is Miami Dolphins’ linebacker, Kiko Alonso, with his late hit to the head on Ravens’ quarterback, Joe Flacco. Kiko, it doesn’t matter if Flacco slid a little late, we don’t launch our shoulder into the QB’s helmet. Say it with me, Kiko, “We don’t launch our shoulder into the QB’s helmet!” It’s like the ghost of Gregg Williams is haunting defensive players all over the league, and that’s crazy, because Gregg Williams is still very much alive. In the spirit of making cheesy Halloween jokes, it’s BOOOOOOOOntygate!! It was funny watching Baltimore goad Miami players for the rest of the game, especially the penalties drawn by Ndamakong Suh. Suh, incidentally, is a long-standing member of Booze League’s POS HOF. Congratulations, scumbags, now let’s talk some REAL football!!

Oh, by the way, the “cat calling” was the best thing about Thursday Night Football, this week. Here is Tony Romo winning the Super Bowl Of Broadcasting. 


Cam Newton (QB - CAR) @ TB

Everything lines up for Cam in this matchup, even Cam. He’s been heating back up, lately, barring last week’s disappointing showing against a much improved Bears’ pass defense. He’s a QB1 in all formats, this week.


Kelvin Benjamin (WR - CAR) @ TB

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and where there’s good Cam, there’s good Benjamin.

Carson Wentz (QB - PHI) vs. SF

Wentz has been Mister Consistency in 2017, and he draws the San Francisco 49ers’ non-existent pass defense. Carson should tear them up, this week.


Duke Johnson, Jr. (RB - CLE) vs. MIN

Duke has been the sole shiny spot in a very dingy offense. But, the Vikings’ don’t give a crap about that, and will be all over him, like Gregory Hines’ tap dancing shoes on a dance floor.

Marvin Jones, Jr. (WR - DET) vs. PIT

Even with Golloday out, and Tate not at 100%, I don’t expect a lot of targets to find their way into Marvin’s hands against Pittsburgh’s stingy secondary. Joe Haden has improved, greatly, in the Steelers’ system.

Bold AF Sit:

Kareem Hunt (RB - KC) vs. DEN

Denver has surprisingly shored up their run defense, which was a lingering problem in 2016. Now, mind you, when I say sit Kareem Hunt, I’m basically saying he won’t get 15-20 points in a 1/2 PPR. This pick is for teams who are stacked at the RB position. I could fade him, but only if I have an equivalent RB1 & a solid RB2 to spare.

Flex Appeal:

Wendell Smallwood (RB - PHI) vs. SF

Yes, betting against the SF run defense is still a solid strategy. Let’s face it, Wendell Smallwood has popped off some great plays, lately, but he hasn’t gotten a whole lot of work. I suspect that changes this week, especially if Carson guns them out to an early lead.


Tyler Kroft (TE - CIN) vs. IND

With Eifert on IR, it’s Kroft we’ll see going up the middle all season. He can also catch long passes. Indy, not surprisingly, sucks against the run.

Joe Mixon (RB - CIN) vs. IND

I really think that this is the week when we start to see more of Joe Mixon. He was getting some decent work for a few games but that slowed down, last week, against Pittsburgh. It’s such a tasty matchup, I can’t imagine him not trending up, this week.