Start/Sip Pourcast - Week 9

Before we get started with our Week 9 Start/Sip, I think we all need a break from the madness, and a little inspiration. So… turn up your speakers, and play this at full blast! Please stand for the Booze League National Anthem. I will wait…

Thank you. We now resume your regularly scheduled programming, except for you, Todd. You get no song.

Well, at least if the Dodgers had to lose the World Series, it was to a team who’s city desperately needed the win. Sigh. With that out of the way, START SIP STARTS NOWWWWW!!!!




RB - HOU (vs IND)

Deshaun Watson may, sadly, be out for the season (thank heaven I only have him in 8 team leagues). Tom Savage may end up leaning heavily on Miller, who has a dream matchup against the worst run defense in the NFL. Let's hope game script favors the run, and Tom Savage doesn't find himself in a hole, too soon.
RANKING: Society & Solitude #5 DIPA -  Hillstead Farm Brewery


RB - ARI (vs SF)

All-Day came on hot in his Week 6 debut with the Cardinals, but then fizzled out when I needed him the most. But, he goes up against the league’s worst fantasy run defense. Or is Indy the worst. It's certainly a tossup. The hapless 49ers couldn’t help Wile E. Coyote stop the Roadrunner with a painted tunnel. With Drew Stanton, who has the whitest sideline celebration in the history of the NFL, captaining the ship, the offense should funnel through Peterson.
RANKING: Hopslam Ale DIPA - Bell's Brewery


WR - HOU (vs IND)

A lot of people got this one wrong in this year’s draft. It was widely assumed, even by many industry analysts, that Hopkins was not the otherworldly talent he seemed to be, right from the start. He impressed in 2013, behind the great Andre Johnson, and quickly took over the next year. He also stayed remarkably consistent through 13 switches among 10 different starting quarterbacks. That was pretty much unprecedented, considering how prolific he stayed. After peaking in 2015, his numbers slid, but he still got 151 targets, albeit shit ones. Now, he may be without out his star rookie quarterback, but he's been here before. I’m still starting him in both of my twelve team leagues. Even with Watson out for the season, Hopkins is still a must start, even if he loses some volume. If you were too short sighted to pick up Hopkins, I have a message for you.
RATING: Tweak Imperial Stout - Avery Brewing Company



QB - CIN (vs JAX)

The Jaguars defense has simply been extraordinary against the air attack, and I doubt if Andy will be able to give them the business. I’m fading him, this week.
RATING: Michelob Ultra Fruit Lime Cactus




WR - TEN (vs BAL)

Quoth the Ravens, “nevermore in the secondary.” Baltimore has been stellar against the passing attack, and Matthews has struggled against way easier defenses, like Cleveland while they were missing two starters. Fade Matthews if you can.
RATING: Lone Star Beer


RB - PHI (vs DEN)

The Broncos have finally shored up the weak spot in their defensive game… stopping the run. Only problem is, now their offense sucks. Despite the likelihood that game script favors the run, I don’t expect much more than flex numbers this week, and that’s not why you picked him up off the waiver wire, now, is it? Is it?!
RANKING: Ed Hardy Premium Beer



WR - LAR (at NYG)

With Janoris Jenkins likely covering Sammy Watkins for most of the day, Woods will likely draw struggling rookie cornerback, Eli Apple. Apple impressed at the NFL Combine, but has struggled to fit into the Giants’ defensive system. Woods may see an uptick in volume, this week.
RATING: Saint Arnold Spring Bock



RB - MIA (vs OAK)

With Jay Ajayi out of the picture, Damien should battle with Kenyan Drake for touches. The one thing more likely to fall to Williams is catching passes out of the backfield. Oakland has struggled in this area, and Matt Moore should lean heavily on him, having struggled to get the ball into the secondary. I’m looking at Williams as a high end flex in Week 9.
RATING: Hell on a High Quad Bock