2016 Fantasy Football Season Wrap Up

The fantasy playoffs are in the history books now, but the work is never done. It's time to track coaching changes, player retirements, roster changes, injury updates, scouting reports...

And then... it's time for the 2017 NFL Combine, which is right around the corner. This is another essential component to your fantasy football research, as it intimates which upcoming talents are fantasy draft worthy, and helps identify potential weaknesses. It never, ever ends. Having stated that for the official record, it's time to keep a promise I made in the beginning of the 2016 fantasy football season: the 2016 seasonal Start/Sip Pourcast accuracy report!!

Despite a rather dismal personal performance in my seasonal leagues (it resembled a Home schedule at Levi Stadium - I tried, Wylie, I really did), I rocked my Start/Sip picks so hard this year it wasn't even funny. According to Fantasy Pros 2016 weekly expert accuracy reports, my seasonal accuracy percentage competes with most experts' WEEKLY scores!

Sean Koerner, of STATS, has consistently been one of the most accurate experts over the last few years, according to Fantasy Pros, finishing 1 of 122 in 2015, and 2 of 124 for 2014. He is a fantasy football god, consistently outpicking experts like Michael Fabiano, Matthew Berry, and Lisa Ann (yes, the former adult entertainment icon. She's phenomenal!). My 2016 accuracy put me right in Sean Koerner territory. I'll take that any day of the week!!

Let's not forget our favorite part of every NFL Super Bowl Weekend... SUPER BOWL ADS!!! For those of you smart enough to read my column soon enough, here are the prerelease 2017 NFL Super Bowl ads!! 

So, grab your favorite craft beer, like a good Double Bastard from Arrogant Brewing, get your party snacks out, and let's usher off the 2016 NFL season with a bang! By the time you read this, your team may be put to bed for the 2016 season, unless you like the Atlanta Falcons. One can hope. But, then again... Angry Tom Brady was one of my early picks for success this year, when the pundits were basically telling me to fuck off.