Start/Sip Pourcast - Week 2

Father…! The Sleeper… has AWAKENED!!

Remember what I said about Jared Goff, last week? You’re welcome. But, if you’re a David Johnson fan, you just got bitch slapped by life. Now, you now know how I felt when Adrian Peterson got arrested and missed the whole season. It sucks, but there are plenty of new talents out there on the waiver wire, and some bounce back players lighting it up out there. Here are my picks for week 2 fantasy football:




QB - Atlanta Falcons

Matty goes toe to toe with a lackluster Packers defense. Ryan absolutely blasted the Pack in last years conference championship game with 392 yards, 4 TDs and zero interceptions. I expect a healthy dose of Matt Ryan this week.
RATING:  Double Shot American Stout - Treehouse Brewing Company


QB - Los Angeles Rams

Goff had a brilliant opener, and led his team to the highest score in week one. His easy schedule continues, and he’s not a sleeper for me this week. This week he’s wide awake. Commish, would you please pull another tasty image for Mr. Jared Goff.
RATING: Master of Karate DIPA - Aslin Beer Company


WR - Carolina Panthers

Kelvin’s looking healthy again, and he’s such a dynamic, big bodied receiver, and the Bills can’t stop a pass with a safety net. I think this is the week Benjamin breaks back onto the scene.
RATING: Headroom DIPA - Trillium Brewing Company


RB - Oakland Raiders

Beast Mode in his home crowd opener against a Jets run defense which does not look like what it’s been in recent years? The murky green team allowed Shady McCoy 110 yards at 5 yards per carry in week one. Beast Mode could go off, too.
RATING: The Crusher DIPA - The Alchemist Beer Company


TE - Carolina Panthers

Buffalo is very penetrable against the tight end position, and Olsen looks to bounce back from a lackluster outing in week one. This may be the game where the Panthers offense finally starts to heat back up.
RATING: Keene Idea DIPA - Alpine Brewing Company


WR -  Detroit Lions

Pliny the Sleeper! On paper, the talented rookie should have a tough time against the Giants this weekend. But, the same could be said about last week’s performance against Arizona, where Golladay shined, especially in the red zone. Matt Stafford may have a favorite new target, and the passing was Stafford at his finest. Lions, themselves, may be a sleeper team in 2017. If Janoris Jenkins draws Marvin Jones, Kenny could have a very good day.
RATING: Fuzzy Baby Ducks IPA - New England Brewing Company




QB - Washington Redskins

On the other side of the football in the Rams-Redskins game,  I’d sit Kirk Cousins. Yes, I love him, but he’s got one of the toughest starts in the league for quarterbacks, and I just feel like he’s going to struggle again, this week. 
RATING: Busch Lite


QB - Tennessee Titans

Tennessee has one of the tougher schedules for quarterbacks in 2017, and Mariota’s next three weeks should be challenging. The Jags have quickly made a statement that they are a defensive force to be reckoned with.
RATING: Tuborg T-Beer


WR - San Francisco 49ers

The Seahawks’ secondary is arguably the best in the NFL, and they should suppress Garçon’s numbers, significantly. He’s a talented receiver with quick instincts, but he plays for a sucky team now, with very little offense. I’d play an alternate WR2 or a high WR3 with upside over Garçon, this week.
RATING: Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum


TE - Indianapolis Colts

The QB situation in Indy is turmoil, right now, and it looks like Jacoby Brissett will get the start over Scott Tolzien. Doyle’s numbers may reflect the shift, and probably not in a positive way, against the Cardinals’ tough defense which is typically not kind to the tight end position.
RATING: Colt .45