Start/Sip Pourcast - Week 9 - Ouch! That Mostert A Lot

49ers Nick their offense, and Mostert Must Hurt.

Raheem Mostert goes down with an absolutely gruesome arm fracture. Truly sad, because the kid is super talented, and this leaves the Niners paper thin at running back. But, wow, what a start for the never-before-tested Nick Mullens! Yes, the Raiders defense is balls, but so are the 49ers. They’re all kinds of balls. However, you wouldn’t have known it on Thursday night, when the rookie quarterback and his squad just roto rootered the hapless Raiders, 34-3. This game made a lot of analysts choke on their words, like Mama Cass on a ham sandwich. They looked good. Mullens could be an instant fantasy option, if he gets the start after they come back from their week eleven bye. From the start, he looked amazingly calm, and was patient in the pocket. If he missed on the first read, he had no problem making the second one, unlike the Bears’ Mitch Trubisky, who bolts the second he doesn’t connect on a first read. That’s not sustainable, by the way, and I expect Trubisky to fall in value, at some point.


Cam Newton.jpg

Cam Newton


Cam Newton (QB - CAR) vs TB

Newton’s going to demolish this defense. The Bucs should just play without a defense, at all. They might do better. But, they will be on the field every time their offense is not, and they will surely be exploited by Cam, much like most American companies’ labor forces. It should be pretty ugly, and Newton should look pretty shiny.

Cooper Kupp.jpg

Cooper Kupp


Cooper Kupp (WR - LAR) @ NO

2 games, no Kupp, now 1 game, one Kupp. Cooper Kupp. He’s going to line up across from P.J. Williams, who should probably BE in his P.J.s, watching the game, instead of playing in it. But, I don’t even care if he faces Marshon Lattimore, because the Saints’ secondary is currently a shadow of its former, better self. I’d be more scared of Eli Apple than either of those other guys.

OJ Howard.jpg

O.J. Howard


O.J. Howard (TE - TB) @ CAR

Howard, the “good O.J.,” not the “murderer O.J.” has been murdering defenses all year, and that doesn’t stop this week. Look for the glove to fit in Carolina, the very worst defense against tight ends in all of Footballdom.


Demaryius Thomas.jpg

Demaryius Thomas


Demaryius Thomas (WR - HOU) @ DEN

This is a very quick turnaround time for Thomas, who’s older and slower now, but still talented. He will likely see a lot of work in the slot, which would mean he’ll see a lot of top slot corner, Chris Harris. However, Keke Coutee may see more of the slot, instead. Coutee Pie has dropped to third on the depth chart behind the newly acquired Demaryius. I’m not a huge Thomas fan these days, but he should be more productive under Deshaun Watson than he was under Case Keenum. Somebody has to pick up at least some of Will Fuller’s slack in that offense. I just don’t think this is the week to fire him up in what may be the quickest post-trade revenge game in history.

Lesean McCoy.jpg

LeSean McCoy


LeSean McCoy (RB - BUF) vs CHI

Shady Shadebuckets, who is indeed shady, goes up against a more than stout Chicago Bears run defense, which has allowed, get this, ZERO rushing TDs over eight games in 2018. No one else has allowed less than 2 (PHI, TEN, MIN, HOU, NE - five way tie). They’ve allowed the fourth fewest rushing yards, and the fifth fewest receiving yards to backs. LeSean has more chance of wreaking havoc off the field this week than he does on it.

Ty Montgomery.jpg

Ty Montgomery


Ty Montgomery (RB - BAL) vs PIT

The trade to Baltimore does nothing for the former Packer, who will likely get packed pretty well Sunday. Pittsburgh’s just about as tough as Chicago against the run (they suck everywhere else on defense). This trade also hurts Alex Collins’ fantasy value going forward. But, who cares? Alex Collins can river dance like crazy!!