Atlanta's Best Breweries to Visit During Super Bowl

What’s a Super Bowl without tasty beer?

Atlanta, GA takes up around 132 square miles with just shy of an estimated 500k residents. This Sunday that population is going to grow significantly as professional sports’ greatest party comes to town for another chapter of the Boston vs Los Angeles rivalry. Names like Sweetwater, Terrapin and Creature Comforts will be familiar to craft beer aficionados nationwide.

Wikipedia lists exactly 50 breweries doing business in the great state of Georgia currently, but in this article we’re going to focus on the breweries in Atlanta proper. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of Super Bowl LIII, is right smack in the middle of Atlanta and is “Beer Adjacent” to some of the states best breweries. We used the cumulative Untappd ranking to sort Atlanta’s breweries and kept it to the Top 5. Some of you may be surprised to see that none of Georgia’s most recognizable breweries made the list. Both Terrapin and Creature Comforts are in Athens, GA, close to 2 hours away from the heart of the ATL and Sweetwater’s Untappd ranking of 3.64 only took it to the rank of 13th (just behind Second Self and just ahead of Eventide).

So whether you’re going to be lucky enough to be present in Atlanta for the national holiday known as Super Bowl or if you’ll be forced to live vicariously through this list, here is your reference for the best breweries in Atlanta!