DrinkAde: The Cure for the Common Hangover?

A recent survey found that adults of drinking age wake up at least once a month with a hangover. 

At first blush, or flush depending on how much residual booze you have left in your system, that doesn’t seem like a big number.  But given the average adult lifespan, just one day hungover a month equals a total of approximately 724 days hungover. That’s just 6 days shy of two complete years of your life hungover. 

All the best St. Pat’s dance-offs happen at the Port O’Potty.

All the best St. Pat’s dance-offs happen at the Port O’Potty.

Personally I’d consider it a small personal victory if I had a month with only one visit from the Hangover Fairy and I’m going to make the wild prediction that I’m not the only one who feels that way. That means there’s a big ol’ market of pale, shaking, sweating, booze-stinking individuals that could use some hangover help on the reg.

On a painfully bright March 18th morning a few years ago, MarketWatch published a study focusing on the market for products that can treat hangovers. It’s no surprise that OTC adult pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen would have the lion’s share of the market with close to $4 billion in projected sales last year. Of more interest though is the market for products specifically marketed to address hangovers, which was projected to hit $785 million in sales in 2018. For some perspective on the need for a “miracle hangover cure”, a recent study found that St. Paddy’s Day revellers spent an average of $41 a person on March 17th festivities (Commish’s note: that’s it? They’re not even trying!). That means that St. Patricks Day, just that one holiday, costs consumers an estimated $3 billion yearly in the US alone. Clearly the thirst for hangover helpers is only growing.

Enter DrinkAde. Previously known as Never Too Hungover, DrinkAde is now the #1 product in the category of hangover cures. With over 4,000,000 bottles sold (and a solid 4.1/5 rating on Amazon), DrinkAde addresses the root causes of hangovers with a sugar and gluten free mix of nutrients including potassium, milk thistle (Livers Love It! ™), electrolytes, B vitamins and more. Each 100ml bottle (that's 3.4oz or almost two shots to us boozers) packs only 5 calories and comes in both Limeade and Berry flavors. The Limeade flavor is meant to be consumed before or during the festivites, while the Berry can be consumed during or the next day to help with recovery.


DrinkAde boasts over 10,000 distribution accounts nationwide including most large grocery store chains, BevMo (of course), a number of large liquor stores, GNC, and every single casino on the strip in Vegas (not kidding).

So with all that being said, how did DrinkAde perform here at Booze League? I put out a beacon to our fabulous and only slightly buzzed team to see who would be willing to answer the call and get drunk in the name of science. Coley, Zach and the Bombshell all stepped up to put their livers on the line. These are their stories...



The Bombshell

My compadre and I had an “ugly sweater” party we attended for the holi-daze. We went to a local brewery in town which was going to be tapping a nice little list of beers along with the regular favorites. Most of the newbies on tap were porters.

Here is the list of what the 2 of us indulged in (at the brewery).

  • 2017 Krampus aged/Cabernet barrel – I had at least 3 of these

  • Stripper Joe (Coffee/Vanilla Porter) – Luke drank these, I had some sips here and there (3)

  • Dee's Nuts (Coconut Porter) – Luke had a couple and I shared some (3-4)

  • Peppermint Porter – Luke had 2

  • Tom23 10.4% - I had 2 

We then went to another get-together and had Pappy’s Stripper Dust on tap there. Needless to say, we both had a more than needed. Neither of us remembered to take our Drink Ade the night of the event. We had a bottle of the BOOST and a bottle of the PREVENTION. The next morning, I woke up feeling happy, but I am pretty sure all of the porters were doing laps in my veins still at a high volume. It was also snowing heavy that morning, so I was on a high of happiness. Luke was feeling all the pains of over indulgence. I got told to be quiet multiple times.

Finally got him out of bed but only to move to the living room and lay down. I went to the kitchen and grabbed our Drink Ade. We downed them. I was hoping mine would help get over the night and get me into another beer later no problem. He needed the boost for work later that night. They both tasted great! Little juice bombs of vitamins. I never got hungover, I felt great all day and even had a lovely stout that evening and a small glass of wine. Luke went on to move about a little better the rest of the day and worked throughout the night no problems.

Next time I would like to take the night of the fun to see how it helped to prevent. All in all a good way to conquer and overcome!



My work knows how to do a holiday party. Every year they have an open bar from 7pm until 12am. Usually I behave, but this year, I was feeling spicy and decided to drink at least 2 bottles of Chandon Rose or about 8+ glasses of it. I also incorporated one vodka soda into the mix and then a beer or two at the end of the night at the after party in one of my colleague’s suite.

I woke up in my hotel room the next morning, not remembering my husband and I leaving the after party. I had a pretty bad headache and my stomach was very queasy. I drank the blue “boost” Drink Ade in the morning. I think I had a berry flavor; however, I’m not going to lie, the taste was horrendous. I choked it down and brushed my teeth. Within 10 minutes, my headache started to subside, and I started to feel more normal and even. Although I was still a little , it helped with head ache part of the hangover and made me feel like a more functioning being of society. I would totally drink it again, but they need to work on the flavors.



DrinkAde! The Hangover Cure!

Or so they say. A few weeks ago, the Commish asked if I’d be a guinea pig and try out DrinkAde to see how well it worked. So naturally, I said sure. Who doesn’t want to avoid a hangover if possible?

So first off, DrinkAde says you can take before or during your drinking shenanigans. I chose to drink it after a few beers. There were two options and since I had had a few beers I just picked one at random. There are some slight differences outside of flavor.

I chose to try the Berry flavored one which has caffeine and double the amount of B-12 vitamins which are supposed to help cure a hangover or prevent it. It tasted terrible. Like if you combined Robitussin and 5Hour Energy. Now part of that could have been the 3 IPAs and the cigar affecting my palate too, but I wasn’t too worried about the flavor. We’ve all done shots of something we don’t like and most of us can keep those down, so I figured this wouldn’t be any different. 

 The Commish asked for us guinea pigs to keep track of what we drank so here was the lineup and order:

  • 3 Cigar City Jai Alai 7.5% (16oz each)

  • 1 DrinkAde Berry

  • 1 Imperial Stout 10% (22oz)

  • 1 Golden Stout 9.5% (22oz)

  • 2 Yuengling Lager 4.5% (12oz each) 

  • 1 Weller Bourbon 45% (2-3oz) 


All in all, this was a pretty heavy night. I was certainly drunk enough to warrant a good hangover the next day. But hey, that was part of the test right?

 So, the next morning came…and so did a baby hangover. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. My stomach didn’t feel to great but the normal pounding headache that lasts for 8-12 hours wasn’t there. I felt a little groggy but after a hot shower and some coffee my head was clear. 

 I’ll give the DrinkAde an 80% effectiveness. It definitely helped with the hydration and took the headache (which is the worst part of a hangover for me) away for sure. The upset stomach could be from mixing so many different beers, or just a something that DrinkAde can’t fix. Overall, I’d give DrinkAde a passing grade and say its worth taking if you know you’re going out on a bender. Booze League Guinea Pig Approved! 


So what’s the final verdict here? It works! While some didn’t like the taste, everyone felt better in spite of the fact they put in some serious work boozing it up the day before. You can pick up DrinkAde at most retail locations that sell alcohol and we encourage you to pick it up and give it a try in the name of science! If you want a more noble reason to get some, just remember that hangovers cost businesses across the country nearly $2000/person every year, so do it for your fellow man! Either way, we want some feedback on how it worked for you! Let us know via the Booze League Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram. For more information about DrinkAde, go here!