Fall, Fantasy, and the National FLAG League

nfl flags.jpg

Fall is here and with it comes a lot of things we all love. Darker beers, bourbon-drinking weather, nighttime fires, pumpkins, the NFL, and fantasy football. 

As many of you know, we at Booze League are in a fantasy football league together with some great punishments for whomever scores the lowest points each week. 

But as the season progresses and we all try to watch football on Sundays to see how our players perform, one thing has become abundantly clear…. 

The NFL should stand for National FLAG League. Its brutal trying to watch any game. Zebras are throwing flags on every other play; good flags, bad flags, or just flags because they like yellow, I guess. 

Regardless of why the refs are so terrible this year (looking at you Alberto Riveron), we fantasy football suckers keep watching. So, I figured why not make a game out of how horrendous these refs truly are.

 Fair warning, this game will not be for the faint of stomach. 

 The Rules

  1. Every time a flag is thrown, take a sip

  2. If more than one flag is thrown on a single play, take three sips

  3. Every time the flag is for Pass Interference, take a shot

  4. Every time it takes more than 20 seconds to make the call, finish your drink 

  5. Every time a coach challenges, chug a beer

  6. Every time a coach loses the challenge, take two shots

  7. Every time the flag results in a score happening/not happening, take 3 shots 

  8. If the referee in the press box disagrees with the call on the field, make the person to your right finish their drink

Now this may seem like an easy enough list of rules but trust me, its more difficult than it looks. 

I tested these rules during last week’s Cowboys-Eagles Game and let’s just say Monday was a little rough. Luckily for you West Coast folks, the games don’t go till midnight, so you’ll have a little more time to recover. 

Good luck and make sure you have plenty of booze on hand if you’re willing to try out this challenge!

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