Start/Sip Pourcast - Week 8 - Will You Have Your QB Till The Mahomestretch?

Honestly, some beat writers should probably beat themselves with a pool noodle. Are we really supposed to believe there’s even a 1% chance that Patrick Mahomes will play in week 8, when we just watched an on-field patellar closed reduction procedure (he popped his right kneecap back into place). As is usually the case, it was a dislocation to the lateral (outer leg) side of the knee. This doesn’t tend to get you back on the field before three weeks. If your superpower is healing quickly, like Adrian Peterson has multiple times in his career, that might be two weeks. But, just because he’s taking 2nd team reps during practice, it doesn’t mean jack, especially when it’s reported with a very brief glimpse of Patrick standing on the practice field, not taking tackles from defensive ends. C’mon, people!

If you drafted Lamar Jackson, you were either brilliant or hit the lottery. You also likely got one of the top three steals of the draft, at any position. His ADP (average draft position) was 139, (Rotowire Draft Kit). He’s playing at a first rounder level, and is on pace to literally smash the single season rushing record, currently held by Michael Vick. Ironically, it was Vick who really opened the door for quarterbacks like Jackson. Pat yourselves on the backs, your flagman gets a much needed rest, this week, before heading to Foxboro to face the New England Terrifying Monsters. It’ll be interesting to see if Lamar can pull the heavily sought after, proverbial “rabbit out of the hat.”


Ty Johnson.jpg

Ty Johnson (RB - DET) vs NYG

He’ll be featured as an early down back, now that Kerryon Johnson heads to injured reserve. Ty should be able to put up decent RB2 numbers against a weak Giants run defense. Temper your expectations, but expect a decent and consistent workload.

Courland Sutton.jpg

Courtland Sutton (WR - DEN) @ IND

One of the most pleasantly surprising performers in fantasy, this season, Courtland has been the epitome of consistency. After seven games, he has kept a tight window of 4-7 receptions on 7-9 targets, and ranks as a WR1 in many categories. The presence of Joe Flacco hasn’t seemed to hurt his production, and the trading away of Emmanuel Sanders should just open up extra opportunities for Sutton, who has established himself as the lead wideout in Denver.

Austin Hooper.jpg

Austin Hooper (TE - ATL) vs SEA

Hoop has been a god at the tight end position in 2019, leading in virtually all receiving categories. Matt Ryan may end up missing all or part of this game, but even if Matt Schlub is under center, backup QBs tend to favor the tight end position, checking down short passes to keep moving the chains without surrendering the football on long passes that they haven’t had first team reps to run through with their wide receivers. This could work out really well for the Hoopster.


Baker Mayfield (QB - CLE) @ NE

Goddamn Baker Mayfield. And, what can I say about Goddamn Baker Mayfield? Well, for starters, he didn’t do a goddamn thing for me, as my #2 quarterback in a superflex league. One of the biggest draft disappointments in 2019, Baker has stunned the football world with his lackluster showing through the first six weeks of the NFL season. His week seven bye actually turned out the same amount of fantasy points as his week six showing (if you can call it that) at the 49ers, where he scored exactly… zero. The only team in the league who has been tougher on QBs than San Fran is New England. The Patriots are going to bake the Baker. This week, he is Baker Maynotfield.

Greg Olsen (TE - CAR) @ SF

Yeah, just no. San Francisco is legit. If you dig back on my timeline, about three years, you will see that I predicted the 49ers to be a turnaround team. While I thought it would take another year, Kyle Shanahan and some great roster moves have turned this into a winning squad. Sad as this makes me, it does allow for some easy fantasy strategizing. The strategy here is to sit most mid-level performers facing their legit defense. Olsen fits into this category. You’d be better off streaming a tight end, this week.

Zach Ertz.jpg

Zach Ertz (TE - PHI) @ BUF

At a dismally thin fantasy position, Ertz ranks 1st in targets amongst active tight ends, but 23rd in catch percentage. Some of that is undoubtedly the fault of Carson Wentz, but something just isn’t right here. He may be able to turn around his season, but It ain’t gonna be in Buffalo.