Start/Sip Pourcast - Week 3 - Is Minshew A Roster 'Stache?

Remember what I said about betting on the problematic guys in the NFL, last week? Well, in case you haven’t heard, the Patriots waived Antonio Brown today, citing new elements of the investigation into multiple cases of sexual assault. So, if you recently traded for him, or spent a high draft pick on him (like Otter), you may have just gone belly up on your investment. Long story short… last year, if you drafted Le’veon Bell and you didn’t have James Conner, you got screwed. This year, if you took AB, you got screwed. It has always been this way, and it always will be. People are, for the most part, predictable creatures. Drop AB and wipe away those tears. No one is going to touch him (the optics are terrible thanks to the much needed #MeToo movement), and this investigation is likely to drag itself out for months.

Gardner Minshew looked poised and confident out there in Jacksonville, on Thursday, to kick off week 3 in the NFL. There will be many a mustache-donning fan in the weeks to come. Also, his Dad is jacked! I want to fight him. With so many fantasy-viable starting quarterbacks going down with injuries, Minshew may be one of the best “staches” of the year. Here are the picks for week 3:


Marquise Brown.jpg

Marquise Brown (WR - BAL) @ KC

In what’s likely to be a big air game, Marquise is likely to continue doing what he did in the first two games, if not more. Hollywood Brown is a WR1, right now. Ride the hot hand here.

Larry Fitzgerald.jpg

Larry Fitzgerald (WR - ARI) vs CAR

The Panthers are another team with an injured QB, and Kyle Allen will take the helm. In his solo start in week 17, last year, he racked up a 113.1 passer rating and threw for 266 yards, 2 touchdowns, no picks, and he even rushed for a touchdown. He may give Kyler Murray and the Cardinals a run for their money, which would bode well for Fitz. Larry Fitzgerry is Mr. Reliable, and not a troubled case, in fact he’s the antithesis of problematic. He’s helped lead me to multiple championships, and is still a solid WR1.


Jared Cook.jpg

Jared Cook (TE - NO) @ SEA

Cook gets a major downtick without Drew Brees. Last week, he didn’t exactly look like Teddy Bridgewater’s darling. Of course, he didn’t exactly look like Drew’s darling in week one, either. This is a good week to stream or to play your second tight end, if you have one on your bench.

Joe Mixon.jpg

Joe Mixon (RB - CIN) @ BUF

Mixon goes up against the Bills front seven, who shut down Lev Bell in week one, but got handled by Saquon Barkley, last week. Barkley is unstoppable, but right now Mixon is not. He’s done nothing, so far, this year, and I’m sure he’ll get things sorted out. I’m pretty sure, however, it won’t happen this week.